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For over 40 years we have consistently striven for and continued to deliver quality products. We offer various solutions for the agricultural sector: shade nets, storage tents, pillow tanks, tea plucking caps and so much more. 
Our Brand
 Our fabrics are tested against the KSo8-1434 specification for Kenya coated fabrics

Water Bladders

Provides a water storage solution that is easily accessible and will nourish your farm all year long. Allows harvest of rainwater and can be supplied across the farm using various techniques across the farm or homestead.
Water Storage

HDPE Sheet for grain drying

HDPE sheet is very useful in the field in various ways, It is UV treated and does not react with chemicals at the farm. It is lightweight and very cost effective. It is also very multipurpose and can be very useful around the farm.
  • Grain Drying
  • Truck Cover
  • Groundsheet
  • Plant cover
  • Pallet cover 

Agriculture Netting

Protect your plant from various natural elements like birds, insects, wind, and hailstones and yield more crop with our UV treated agricultural shadenet. It allows your seedlings to grow healthy by regulating the amount of light density required and protects from pests that cause diseases hence reducing the use of pesticides. Our shade net is made of UV treated HDPE. It is easy to install and portable, does not react with pesticides and detergent, cost-effective and has multi-purpose ability around the farm.
  • Provides shade to crop and seedlings
  • Keeps birds and flying insects from crop
  • Demarcating land 
  • Fencing
  • Construction netting


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