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Justin Okara.

Home Owner

 I’d like to share my feedback on the car shade installed at my premises a few weeks back. It’s been nearly a month since installation and so far so good.
The shade seems to be holding up well. It’s rained a couple of times since and the cover has been able to withstand the water with ease. As a bonus, the cars are relatively cool even with high temperatures during the day.
The entire customer experience was very professional, from the choosing of the material to the installation on site. The installers had a relatively easy time installing the shade and even cleaned the site afterwards. So its quite safe to say that the product was well worth it for the amount paid. We’ve been pleased to be your customers and have even recommended you to a couple of colleagues.  

Outdoor Shades

We are leading manufacturers of outdoor sun shades in Nairobi, Kenya, and within East Africa with branches in Kampala, Uganda, and Arusha, Tanzania. We design and install outdoor shades ranging from:
  • Car Sun Shades
  • Canopies and Awnings
  • Shade Sails
  • Gazebos
  • Patio Shades
  • Parasols and Umbrellas
Our primary outdoor shades fabrics are shade net, PVC coated polyester and acrylic canvas. These materials are treated to provide your outdoor space excellent protection from weather elements.
A shade can protect from harmful UV rays, rain, dust, wind, falling leaves, bird droppings to name a few. With all these elements in mind, our shades can be waterproof, easy to clean, low maintenance and UV treated.
Tarpo installs shades for offices, homes, parking areas, restaurants and cafe sitting areas, malls and shopping centers, balconies and shop fronts.

Car parking shade

• Suspended car sun shades

BACK SUPPORTED car shade design

• Back supported car sun shades
We fabricate car parking shades suitable for parking spots for cars, or for a garage.
Car sun shades are of 2 types: 
Suspended 2-car Car Shade in Shade Net - 6m x 5.5m x 2.4m
Back Supported car sun shade in Shade Net - 6m x 5.5m x 2.4m

The hot burning sun can make your car quite hot during the afternoon and uncomfortable to drive in. Parking it under a car parking shade prevents that nasty burn when you sit on your hot leather seats!


Shade sails Kenya

Shade Sails can be installed in any outdoor space. Applications can include swimming pool side shades, garden or backyard shades, restaurant extensions, balcony or patio coverings.

Sail shades have different designs and shapes. They are curvaceous and float to make your outdoor space look attractive and transform it into a paradise while still providing shade!

A well-installed sail must have the right tension and shape. At Tarpo we advise having a site visit to measure and asses your area so as to get the right shape and size of your space so that our technical team can advise on the right design.

Canopy White 500x250

At Tarpo we design, fabricate and install canopy shades and awnings on a project basis for restaurants and bar sitting areas, malls, shopping centres, and other outdoor spaces including home compounds, hospitals, schools, playgrounds, and churches.

The design is based on the space it is being installed in. Our technicians are best placed to take measurements and recommend the best design for your space. They will also give you fabric options and help you choose the best soft roof solution for your space.

Parasol in airtex for saleParasols are commonly used as a protective shade against intense sunlight on outdoor spaces. They are portable and generally made from UV treated outdoor fabric to protect from harmful sun rays and rain too. Parasols are like large umbrellas and are commonly installed on beaches, restaurants, balconies, next to swimming pools, garden spaces and patios providing shade to entertain guests outdoors.

The main difference between a parasol and an umbrella is in its size and purpose. Parasols are significantly larger for example beach and restaurant parasols are used mostly to shade people from the sun. Parasols are also, made from a different type of fabric e.g Canvas or PVC that is much heavier than a normal umbrellas fabric and are more resistant and durable than Umbrellas.

Gazebo shade for sale


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