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Lorry Cover for sale

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Emily Barusi

Logistics & Procurement, Sika Kenya

It's been two years since we purchased tarpaulins from Tarpo Industries and they still look as good as new. Their Tarpaulins are very durable and they can withstand any weather conditions.

For over 40 years, Tarpo has been the leading lorry covers suppliers providing quality tarpaulins for trucks, lorries, and pickups in Kenya and East Africa. Thanks to the use of high-quality raw material throughout the whole production process from the yarn to the color pigment, our tarpaulins are known for their high-quality functionality, and endurance!  

Our wide range of vehicle covers includes:

  • Lorry Covers
  • Truck Canvas Covers
  • Pickup Tonneau covers
  • Pickup Carriage covers
  • Full body car hood Covers
  • Vehicle Curtains  

You don’t have to compromise on quality to get the best price for your vehicle products. Our team of experts will help you choose the right products to suit your personal or business needs and offer you a competitive quote.

Standard  Vehicle Covers and Sizes

We have gone ahead and prepared some standard size tarpaulins, lorry covers and pickup covers in Laminated/Coated PVC reinforced with rope and eyelets to help you make a better decision.

See below:

Lorry Covers/ Lorry Tarpaulins and Truck Covers

Lorry Cover for slae in Kenya

We have a variety of tarpaulins fabrics/material to choose from e.g,

  • PVC Coated,
  • PVC Laminated,
  • Ripstop Canvas,
  • Cotton canvas,
  • Raincoat material, 
  • HDPE.

Each fabric is unique and offers unique abilities to cover different goods. 

Thanks to our high-quality fabrics we are able to exceed our customers' expectations. Our tarpaulins are ideal for manifold applications, from lorry covers, truck covers, vehicle covers, machine covers for weather protection, and dust.


Please Note: Only use this as a guide as size may differ  depending on the model of the body of the vehicle i.e where the hooks are placed

Lorry Cover/Tarpaulin Sizes 

TARPAULIN FOR CANTER 21X15FT (6.44m x 4.60m)
TARPAULIN FOR HD 24X18FT (7.36m x 5.52m)
ISUZU FRR 25X14FT (7.67 x 4.29m)
40FT TRAILER 55X22FT (16.87 x 6.75m)
10 WHEELER 30X20FT (9.20 x 6.13m)



PickUp Tonneau Cover

Falt Cover

A pickup tonneau cover is a flat-bed cover made of PVC material and reinforced using shock cord hooks and shock cord rubber. It is specifically designed to cover pickups both single cab and double cab It is suitable for use in all weather conditions. It protects from the sun, natural pollutants(e.g bird droppings) tree sap, snow, leaves, dust, dirt, UV light, and rain

Pickup Tonneau Cover Sizes

Flat Cover in PVC with Hooks Single Cab
Flat Cover in PVC without Hooks Single Cab
Flat Cover in PVCWith Hooks Double Cab
Flat Cover in PVC Without Hooks Double Cab


Fitted Cover for Pickup Carriage

land cruiser pickup covers for sale

We manufacture and fit pickup covers for pickups with body carriage e.g the Land cruiser pickups

 Our pickup covers come in a variety of vehicle cover fabrics:

  • PVC pickup covers,
  • Cotton Canvas pick up covers, 
  • Ripstop Canvas(PU  coated canvas) canvas covers.

A fitted pickup cover is specifically made for the body of the specific pickup carriage. It has windows and is reinforced with various accessories like eyelets d-rings and has roll-up curtains. 

Full Body Car Hood Cover

Full body car hood cover toyota

A car hood cover is made in raincoat or nylon material thus very lightweight. It is excellent protection against sun, rain, UV rays, acid, snow, tree saps, dust, dirt, nicks, scratches, natural pollutants, and industrial pollutants.

The fabric provides protection in all weather conditions without sacrificing breath-ability needed by the car under the cover. 

It is gentle on paintwork i.e. has a soft, soft abrasion-resistant lining surface that protects against scratches.

Even if stored wet after rains the fabric will not rot nor support the growth of mildew.

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